What is a music publisher?
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When it comes to registering for performing rights, there are two different types of parties that would typically seek setup a publisher account with AllTrack.

  1. An AllTrack music creator who also wants to setup an AllTrack publisher account

  2. A professional 3rd party music publisher that represents a controlled AllTrack creator and needs to setup an AllTrack publisher account

Music Creators

A music creator frequently sets up their own publisher account with AllTrack for many reasons, most of which ultimately lead to greater independence, opportunity, flexibility and control over their music careers. If an AllTrack member has both an AllTrack creator account and an AllTrack publisher account, they would register their songs with a 50/50 ownership split between the two. If an AllTrack member has only registered for an AllTrack creator account, they would register their songs as 100% ownership share. In either case, the member still ultimately receives 100% of their royalties. The decision about whether to setup a publisher is a personal one. In the absence of a strong opinion either way, we generally recommend for an AllTrack music creator to also setup their own music publisher account.

You can read more about the benefits of setting up a publisher here.

You can setup a free AllTrack creator account here.

Professional Music Publishers

Professional 3rd party publishers on the other hand are typically operating companies with dedicated employees that sign music creators to publishing deals. They receive ownership from the music creator in the publisher's share of the agreed upon songs and assume the primary role of finding additional income for those songs. These activities include finding artists, labels, film/TV producers and advertisers to use a song, as well as various other administrative tasks such as tracking license fees and royalties, registering songs with rights organizations, etc. If you sign a publishing deal, you may receive an advance, earn more royalties and relieve yourself of administrative headaches. However, this comes in exchange for giving up some ownership of your songs, so the decision is personal and should include consultation with a legal advisor.

Music publishers can setup a free account with AllTrack here.

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