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When should I register my songs with AllTrack?
When should I register my songs with AllTrack?
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Technically, AllTrack members can register their songs anytime, even before they are completed, recorded or distributed. However, this doesn't always mean a song should be registered before it is completed, recorded or distributed.

If you are just registering with AllTrack, you should immediately register all of your released songs. Beyond this, we generally recommend for our members to register their songs either just before, simultaneously with or just after they are distributed. When we say "distributed" in this case, we generally mean the earlier of the following:

  1. When you (or your label) have uploaded a song to your distributor which then delivers it to the major streaming services, or

  2. When you first post the song to a platform like SoundCloud, YouTube, TikTok, Triller, etc.

  3. When you receive a cue sheet in connection with an audiovisual work

The main point in each example above is that your song can now be heard by the general public, and it should therefore be registered for royalty collection.

Why not register it sooner? Often key pieces of information (i.e. song titles, AKA titles, named performers, song splits, etc.) can change all the way up to the last minute prior to release. It is generally considered best practice to register a song with clean data once rather than registering it prematurely and modifying it later.

You can register songs by logging into your AllTrack account here.

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