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How is AllTrack as a PRO different from a music publisher?
How is AllTrack as a PRO different from a music publisher?
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A traditional professional music publisher is involved in multiple creative, business and financials aspects of a music creator's career. AllTrack's role is much more focused in that we are almost exclusively dedicated to collecting performance royalties for music creators and publishers.

If you are a music creator, one of the many benefits of joining AllTrack is that you do not need to be a music publisher or even "setup your publishing" in order to collect your publisher's share of performance royalties. With the convenience of AllTrack, you can collect 100% of your combined writer and publisher shares of performance royalties just by registering free as a music creator. This if often the path chosen by creators that are early in their music careers. If you later decide you would like to setup your publishing, you can always return to AllTrack do this when you are ready.

You can read about some of the benefits of setting up a publishing account with AllTrack here.

You can join AllTrack free as a music creator here.

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