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Why should I register to receive performing rights royalties?
Why should I register to receive performing rights royalties?
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If you've created original music and being played anywhere in the world (i.e. on Spotify, Apple, etc., used in the background of a video on YouTube, TikTok, etc., aired on TV/radio, used by location based businesses like restaurants, retail, etc.), you can start receiving performing rights royalties from AllTrack. You are entitled to these royalties based on global copyright laws that protect the creators of music. Failing to register your music for free with AllTrack is the equivalent of leaving money on the table.

AllTrack is the only PRO in the world designed specifically for independent music creators and publishers, which starts with the ability for creators to join free. There are no recurring fees and our members always retain 100% ownership of their copyrights. Membership is available to music creators across the globe, regardless of country of citizenship or residence. As long as you are a member of AllTrack and the songs that you register with us are being used somewhere in the world, you will be earning royalties, which can continue as long as your music is being played (which can be for generations to come).

You can get started by registering for a free AllTrack creator account here.

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