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When will I get paid by AllTrack?
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Royalty Payment Timing

AllTrack pays royalties to its Members for performances that occur within the United States on the following schedule:

Performance Quarter

Royalty Payment Month

Q1 Jan-Mar


Q2 Apr-Jun


Q3 Jul-Sep


Q4 Oct-Dec


AllTrack pays royalties to its Members for performances that occur outside of the United States in the quarter immediately following the quarter in which we receive these royalties from our local collection partners.

Royalty statements are made available to Members at the time of payment.


Occasionally, retroactive adjustments may be made to royalty statements. There are a number of reasons this may occur including errors in information provided by Members, disputes raised or resolved among Members, co-writers and other copyright holders, adjustments to prior payments received by AllTrack from licensees (music users), and changes to any applicable statutory royalty rates.

Other Related Items

Songs must be registered with AllTrack to be eligible to receive royalties.

Members should notify AllTrack immediately if they discover a situation where they believe royalties are not being distributed properly.

If you would like to begin receiving the royalties that you are entitled to, signup for a free AllTrack creator account here.

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