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If I am an AllTrack creator, what are the benefits of setting up a music publisher?
If I am an AllTrack creator, what are the benefits of setting up a music publisher?
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AllTrack offers its creators the flexibility of setting up either a single AllTrack creator account (100% share) or a combination of an AllTrack creator account (50% share) and an AllTrack publisher account (50% share). In either case, you will retain 100% ownership and collection shares in your copyrights, and the royalty payments that you receive will be the same.

Given that the royalties are the same in either structure mentioned above, the decision of whether an AllTrack creator should also setup a publisher account becomes a personal one based on where you would like to take your music career. Creators frequently setup their own individual AllTrack publisher accounts for a variety of reasons, including the ability to:

  • Seek and enter into a publishing or co-publishing deal with an established professional 3rd party publisher

  • Enter into an administrative deal with a 3rd party administrator

  • Enter into synchronization licenses to have your music placed into film, TV and various other forms of digital video content

  • Be eligible to receive certain types of international music royalties

  • Be eligible to receive certain other types of music royalties not administered by AllTrack

  • Consolidate certain business affairs of a band or group into one decision making body

  • Act as a music publisher on behalf of other music creators and in turn earn a publisher royalty split in the agreed upon songs

  • Elevate your status within the music industry to assist with negotiations, dealmaking, etc.

  • Signup as a member of various music publishing industry organizations to receive up to the minute updates on industry developments, events, knowledge sharing resources and general insights into the business side of the music industry

  • Have your publishing entity named in the liner notes and the metadata when distributing songs to labels or streaming services, and thereby be considered for various industry awards in the publisher category

A creator can setup an AllTrack publisher account immediately after setting up their AllTrack creator account, or wait until a later date, in either case without losing out on any of their AllTrack performance royalties. In other words, with AllTrack a music creator can collect 100% of their performance royalties through their music creator account, and return in the future when ready to setup a publisher. Upon setting up a publisher, a creator could then register their new songs as 50% creator / 50% publisher (for example), and contact us about converting their registered songs from 100% creator to 50% creator / 50% publisher.

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