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Why is AllTrack the right PRO for independent creators?
Why is AllTrack the right PRO for independent creators?
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AllTrack is the only PRO in the world that is exclusively dedicated to representing independent creators and publishers for the global collection of their performing rights royalties, with many unique benefits. We are a creator-centric digitally focused organization that empowers the independent community to take control of their performing rights, and thereby operate independently.

AllTrack membership benefits:

  • The only PRO where it's free to setup a creator account, and if you choose, a publisher account as well (learn more about publisher accounts here)

  • As a creator, no requirement to setup a publisher account to collect 100% of your combined writer and publisher shares of performance royalties

  • Historically the highest average royalty rates among US PROs as measured internally across the independent market

  • Ability to join from anywhere in the world, and receive royalties from throughout the world as music is played

  • Members always retain 100% ownership of their rights

  • All creators welcome

  • Intuitively designed self-serve digital platform

  • Receive royalties on all bona fide live performances (not just the largest tours)

  • Automatic song registrations and royalty splitting among co-creators

  • Expert support team

  • Dependability

Get started by registering for a free account here.

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