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How are royalties split between music creators and music publishers?
How are royalties split between music creators and music publishers?
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When publishing royalties are calculated for each song, they are always split 50/50 between the creator's share (often referred to as the "writer's share") and the publisher's share.

If you are an independent AllTrack creator without a publisher account, AllTrack simplifies this process for by offering them the ability for you to collect 100% of their combined creator and publisher shares through your AllTrack creator account. If this applies to you, simply list yourself as the 100% shareholder when you register a song, which instructs AllTrack to pay 100% of the combined creator's and publisher's share to you in a single payment.

If you are an AllTrack creator who has also setup an AllTrack publisher, you should register 50% share of the song to your creator account and 50% share to your publisher account. It does not matter whether you register the song in your creator or publisher account, as long as the creator and publisher are named on the registration as 50% shareholders, the song will appear in both of your accounts and you will receive your 100% share of royalties on a combine basis.

You can register for a free AllTrack creator or a publisher account here.

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