Registering a song with AllTrack and registering a song with a local country Copyright Office may sound similar, but they are actually VERY different.

When you register a song with AllTrack, you are registering to receive your global performance royalties. There is no cost to register a song with AllTrack.

In most countries, copyrighting your songs is free and automatic from the minute you write down the song or record it. When you create a song, it is copyrighted. In some countries you can take this a step further by registering your song with the Copyright Office or equivalent governmental organization. In this case, you are often (again, on a country specific basis) registering your song to enforce a copyright action against a party that is unlawfully using your music. There is typically a cost to register each song with a local country Copyright Office. Each country has its own specific rules with regards to copyright registration, so we recommend for you to visit the Copyright Office of the country you are seeking to register each song with to learn more.

You are not required to register a song with AllTrack to register it with a specific Copyright Office or vice versa, these processes are ultimately completely separate.

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