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I only perform cover songs, should I join AllTrack?
I only perform cover songs, should I join AllTrack?
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As a PRO, AllTrack exclusively collects royalties for the composition share of music royalties (sometimes referred to as the publishing) as opposed to the sound recording share of music royalties. So, if you only perform cover songs and have no plans to ever create and release your own original music, there is no need for you to register with AllTrack. If on the other hand you are performing cover songs today, but are also creating or producing music on the side, or expect to create your own music in the future, there are no restrictions from you creating a free AllTrack account today in preparation for your first song release. Similarly, if you are playing cover songs and original songs at your live performances, you should also register with AllTrack so that you can begin collecting royalties for your original songs.

You can register for a free AllTrack creator account here.

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