Yes, in fact if you have a distributor, it is that much more important for you to register for your performing rights royalties, because your music is already out in the world getting played! The royalties that AllTrack pays its members are completely separate from the royalties that a distributor pays to its artists and performers.

Diving in a little deeper, the rights of every piece of music are split between 1) the song (songwriter/publisher) and 2) the sound recording (artist/label). In many cases, independent artists are both the creator (i.e. the songwriter) and the artist/performer, and are therefore entitled to receive royalties for both sides. Having said that, AllTrack pays its registered members (creators and publishers) royalties for the “song”, which includes royalties from digital streaming companies, TV networks, radio stations, businesses that play music (i.e. restaurants, bars, retail stores, etc.) and royalties for any of their live shows. Distributors on the other hand deliver music to the digital streaming companies after the music is created, and traditionally collect royalties for the artist/performer on the “sound recording” as it gets streamed.

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