If you are switching to AllTrack from another PRO, there are typically two options regarding you existing song catalog that is registered with your current PRO. Most PROs require you to select one of two options at the time you are notifying them that you are cancelling your account.

  • Option 1: You can transfer all of your songs registered at your prior PRO to AllTrack. In the uncommon event that your prior PRO does not ask you whether you would like to withdraw your existing songs in connection with cancelling your account, you should contact them directly to notify them of your intention to withdraw all of your existing songs.

  • Option 2: You can leave your existing songs with your prior PRO and simply begin registering your new songs with AllTrack moving forward.

At AllTrack, we welcome the opportunity to represent your existing song catalog when switching to AllTrack from another PRO. If you are moving your existing song catalog to AllTrack, please notify us so that we can assist properly transferring your song registrations. We accept multiple bulk song registration formats.

If you have questions on how to switch to AllTrack from your current PRO, please contact us here.

If you have terminated your current PRO membership and your membership period has ended, you can register for a free AllTrack creator account here.

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