With AllTrack, you will not miss out on any of your royalties by only registering as a music creator. AllTrack will pay you 100% of your combined writer and publisher shares of performance royalties just by registering as a music creator.

If you are an AllTrack creator that does not have an AllTrack publishing account, the way to ensure you are paid your full combined creator and publisher shares of royalties is by simply combining your creator and publisher ownership share percentages when registering each song. Below is an example of each scenario:

Example 1

Independent creator Jane Doe does not have an AllTrack publishing account, so she would register a 100% controlled song as:

100% Jane Doe (Role: Composer/Author)

Example 2

Independent creator Jane Doe has an AllTrack publishing account named JD Publishing, so she would register songs where she controls 100% as:

50% Jane Doe (Role: Composer/Author)

50% JD Publishing (Role: Publisher)

You can register for a free AllTrack creator account here.

You can register for an AllTrack publisher account here.

You can learn more about the benefits of registering a publisher account with AllTrack here.

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