If you use a publishing administrator, AllTrack has you covered.

AllTrack is responsible for collecting your performing rights royalties directly from businesses that use your music. Generally speaking, if you opt to appoint a publishing administrator, that administrator will work alongside AllTrack as a middleman to receive payments from us specifically for the 50% publisher's share of your performance royalties. The administrator will then distribute those royalties to you, usually after deducting a fee. When you use a publishing administrator, AllTrack will still continue to pay you the 50% creator's share (often referred to as the writer's share) of your performance royalties directly.

In certain cases, independent creators distribute music through CD Baby, Tunecore or Vydia and upgrade to their publishing administration plans along the way. In other cases they may use a pureplay music distributor, and then subsequently register with a provider like SongTrust or Sentric for publishing administration services. Regardless of the publishing administration solution that you choose, once AllTrack receives the song registration from the publishing administrator, AllTrack will pay the creator's share directly to you and the publisher's share directly to your publishing administrator.

Most importantly, regardless of whether you choose to use a publishing administrator, in all cases you need to be registered with a PRO to receive your performance royalties. You will also need to provide your creator IPI# and PRO account number to your publishing administrator.

To obtain these unique identifiers, register for a free AllTrack creator account here.

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