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What is AllTrack Performing Rights?
What is AllTrack Performing Rights?
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AllTrack is a US-based Performing Rights Organization (PRO) that issues simple, worry-free and economically efficient performing rights licenses to businesses for the unlimited use of music that is played on their premises, websites, digital properties and at their events. AllTrack's licenses are issued on behalf of the music creators, songwriters, composers, producers, publishers and copyright holders that have appointed AllTrack as their legal representative for the licensing and collection of their performing rights royalties. The cost of an AllTrack license is typically the lowest industrywide, which is made possible through the operating efficiencies of AllTrack’s modernized proprietary technology platform and the independent nature of the creators that AllTrack represents.

A single AllTrack performance license provides unlimited use blanket protection for a fixed fee, with the convenience of not having to seek out or negotiate license deals with individual music copyright holders.

Obtaining a copyright law compliant music license from AllTrack is fast and easy. Simply contact one of our AllTrack licensing specialists below to assist you with obtaining the proper license for your business or event.

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