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Music Licensing FAQs for Businesses
Music Licensing FAQs for Businesses

Are you a business that has questions about licensing? We’ve compiled answers to your FAQs.

What is AllTrack Performing Rights?
Why does my business or event need a license to play music?
What constitutes a public performance?
How do I obtain an AllTrack music license for my business?
What happens if my business ignores its requirement to properly license music?
Why does my business or event need a license from AllTrack if I’m already paying other PROs (i.e. ASCAP and BMI)?
Why does my business need a license to play music on its website or other digital application?
How much does an AllTrack license cost?
Does my background music service come with an AllTrack PRO license?
Does my business need a license if I play music through my personal Spotify or Apple account?
What are the advantages of the blanket license structure of an AllTrack license?
My company operates in multiple lines of business and/or locations, do I need separate licenses for each?
How is my business supporting the arts and accountable capitalism by obtaining an AllTrack license?
What are some common examples of music uses by businesses that require an annual performance license?
If I hire a band, musician or DJ to provide music at my business, shouldn't they obtain a license?
If I rent out rooms or banquet halls in my place of business, am I still responsible for music performances in those spaces?
What types of businesses require a performance license?
My business has operations in multiple countries, can I license all territories through AllTrack?
What if I have questions about whether I need a license or how to obtain one?