While AllTrack is similar to other PROs in the U.S., such as ASCAP, BMI, GMR, and SESAC, it issues performance licenses for its own unique set creators and publishers. The only way to obtain complete copyright compliance and protection in the U.S. for performing rights is to obtain music licenses from all of the U.S. PROs. Almost all businesses and events use music, and in almost all cases, businesses and events that use music take an "all or none" approach to PRO licensing -- they typically obtain licenses from all PROs, or, if music is never played on their premises, websites, digital properties, or at their events, they do not obtain any PRO licenses.

If you are a business that plays or uses the music of any songwriters, composers, producers, music publishers or other copyright holders represented by AllTrack, you will need an AllTrack blanket license in advance of playing the music. An AllTrack blanket license provides for the compliant use of all of the music represented by AllTrack, including the latest songs that are added on a daily basis.

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