Supporting the creators of music is a Socially (the "S" in ESG) responsible act in today’s era of accountable capitalism. An artist ‐‐ especially an indie artist ‐‐ is their own small business that deserves to earn a fair wage when their music is used. AllTrack’s commitment to the artist community enables and empowers them to create more music, and higher quality music, which in turn creates Social benefits for all society. We encourage our licensees to share their support for music creators, which is increasingly viewed by discerning customers as an investment in culture and community.

Beyond the Social benefits, decades of research has proven that music helps drive revenue, productivity and satisfaction:

  • Enhances moods, energy levels, memory recall and spending behaviors

  • Strengthens connections to each other and places, including businesses

  • Helps businesses express their brand identities

  • Increases both customer and employee satisfaction levels

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