A performance license is required by a business in advance of music being played on its premises (whether by the business or by its individual employees for others to hear), on its websites and digital properties, or by an event host of an event outside of a small circle of family and friends. Licensing requirements apply regardless of whether the music is recorded or performed live. Most businesses secure annual blanket performance licenses that permit them to play or use music on an unlimited basis without any requirement to report which specific songs are played.

Common examples of music uses that require a performance license include (for example purposes only and not all-inclusive):

  • Streaming audio

  • Streaming video that contains music (examples include full length songs or song segments within film or TV programming, song segments or jingles within commercials, songs played on music channels, etc.)

  • Live music performances (includes bands, live performers or DJs)

  • Music played using background music services

  • Music used by websites and apps

  • Music played over satellite services

  • Music in company/building lobbies, break rooms, lunch rooms, restrooms, elevators, conference rooms, ballrooms, kitchens, etc.

  • Music played while parties calling a business via phone are waiting on hold

  • Music within streaming video games

  • Music used during karaoke

  • Music played at customer facing events

  • Music played at internal events (i.e. company holiday parties, employee functions, sales meetings, employee appreciation events, internal conferences, company retreats, etc.)

  • Music played by employees in break rooms, lunch rooms, kitchens, warehouses, manufacturing plants, storage rooms, labs, corporate office space, etc.

  • Music used in preparation for and in business presentations and training seminars

  • Music at trade shows, conferences and conventions

  • Music in common areas

  • Music streamed while transportation services are being provided

* Note: The listing above is not all-inclusive.

Subscriptions to background music services, digital jukeboxes, music streaming services, or other programming services do not cover or replace the requirement for an AllTrack performance license.

If your business is playing music without proper advance permission (i.e. without obtaining a license), your business is infringing on Copyright Law.

If you are a restaurant, bar, nightclub or other similar establishment, you may obtain a license through our self-serve licensing portal. For all other business types, or if you have questions about whether you need a license or the licensing process in general, please contact AllTrack directly below.

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