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Music Licensing FAQs for Businesses
What types of businesses require a performance license?
What types of businesses require a performance license?
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Generally speaking, if music is played on the premises of your business or at an event that you host, regardless of whether the music is recorded or performed live, you are required to obtain proper advance permission to properly comply with Copyright Law.

A few common examples of business or event types that require a proper license when music is used include (business and event types below are not all-inclusive and are for example purposes only):

  • Any business that is open to the general public where music is played on premises

  • A warehouse, factory or repair facility where music is played on premises in the warehouse, factory or repair floor, break rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, hallways, etc.

  • A corporation that uses music in lobbies, hallways, break rooms, conference rooms, within presentations or marketing materials, websites or at conferences, trade shows, seminars, events, etc.

  • A digital based business that features music on web pages and other digital applications

  • A TV or radio station

  • Any business that features music on its phone systems when callers are on-hold

  • Any event, outside of a small family gathering or group of friends

  • A stadium, arena, concert hall or other large scale facility that offers music

  • A music festival

  • A private club

  • A medical or dental facility

  • A transportation service

  • An educational or daycare facility that uses music outside of an instructional classroom setting

  • A college or university

  • A sporting or recreational facility

  • A multi-unit residential or commercial facility where music is played in common areas such as lobbies, elevators, hallways, pools, banquet facilities, gyms, restrooms, etc.

  • Many more...

The list above contains just a few examples of the thousands of types of businesses that require a license when music is used. If your business or event meets one of the criteria above, it requires a performance license.

If you have questions about whether you need a license or the licensing process, please contact AllTrack.

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